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Guest Accommodation agreement

All guests making reservations through International Slayers Club LLC are required to accept these terms and conditions. In order to complete your reservation, you must enter into this Accommodation Agreement between you and the owner of the I.S.C. property (the “Accommodation”).

Your reservation is not confirmed until you have agreed to and executed this Accommodation Agreement.  


General Terms

  1. This Accommodation Agreement is between the person named on the Booking Confirmation, as defined in Paragraph 1.1 below, (the “Guest” or “you”) and the owner of the Accommodation (the “Owner”). The Owner is the person who owns the Accommodation or the person who is duly authorized to arrange for the occupancy of the Accommodation. This Accommodation Agreement details the terms and conditions which apply between you and the Owner concerning the use and occupancy of the Accommodation.

  2. You have chosen I.S.C. as your reservations supplier. I.S.C. is not the Owner, an agent of the Owner, or an agent of the Guest, and I.S.C. shall not have any obligations under this Accommodation Agreement. You understand and agree that I.S.C. is not a party to any agreements between you and the Owner, including this Accommodation Agreement. I.S.C. is not responsible for the availability or condition of the Accommodation, or for the Owner’s compliance with any statutes, laws, rules, bylaws, regulations, and agreements to which the Owner is subject or which relate to the Accommodation or by which the Owner of the Accommodation is bound.

  3. This Accommodation Agreement is a LICENSE TO OCCUPY the Accommodation for your requested dates. THIS IS NOT A LEASE OR TENANCY AGREEMENT, NOR DOES IT CONVEY ANY PROPERTY RIGHTS OR INTEREST IN REAL ESTATE TO THE GUEST. THE GUEST IS NOT A TENANT OF THE PROPERTY AND HAS NOT BEEN GRANTED EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY. By accepting this Accommodation Agreement, you accept that you are entering into a non-exclusive license to occupy the Accommodation for your requested dates. You acknowledge that you have no right to stay in the Accommodation or occupy any part of the Accommodation after the period outlined in your Booking Confirmation, as defined in Paragraph 1.1 below, and have no rights to recurring usage or renewal of the Accommodation. You are not entitled to make any changes to the Accommodation nor can you move or remove any of its furnishings, appliances, fixtures, or other items in or around the Accommodation. You must abide by the Terms and Conditions of I.S.C., as well as any additional restrictions imposed by the Owner. Your license to occupy the Accommodation is subject to immediate termination if you or any parties that occupy the Accommodation during your stay violate the terms of this Accommodation Agreement, the Terms & Conditions of I.S.C., or any other agreement between you and another party in relation to the Accommodation.
    Cooperation and Assistance

  4. You agree to cooperate with and assist I.S.C. in good faith, and to provide I.S.C. with such information and take such actions as may be reasonably requested by I.S.C., in connection with any complaints or claims made by Guests or Owners relating to Accommodations or any personal or other property located at an Accommodation or with respect to any investigation undertaken by I.S.C. or a representative of I.S.C. regarding use or abuse of the Site or the Services.


Booking & Cancellation Details

  1. The Accommodation will be booked for your requested dates once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Accommodation Agreement and have received a Payment Confirmation by email, collectively, the “Booking Confirmation.” The Owner is not obliged to make this Accommodation available, nor is a binding contract in place, until the Payment Confirmation is sent by email.

  2. You irrevocably agree that the Initial Reservation Payment, as defined in Paragraph 2.1 below, is NOT REFUNDABLE in any event.

  3. Unless otherwise stated in the Booking Confirmation, a cancellation within 10 days of the scheduled arrival date (the “Check-In Date”) will result in the forfeiture of the Total Rent, which is the sum of the Initial Reservation Payment plus the Rent Balance. The Rent Balance is the remaining amount of the Total Rent after deducting the Initial Reservation Payment.

  4. For stays shorter than 60 days, a cancellation within 10 days of the scheduled arrival date (the “Check-In Date”) will result in the forfeiture of the Total Rent, which is the sum of the Initial Reservation Payment plus the Rent Balance. The Rent Balance is the remaining amount of the Total Rent after deducting the Initial Reservation Payment.

  5. For stays greater than or equal to 60 days, a cancellation within 10 days of the Check-In Date will result in the forfeiture of your Initial Reservation Payment, as well as 30 days’ rent, as determined by I.S.C..

  6. For stays longer than 6 months, a cancellation within 10 days of the Check-In Date will result in the forfeiture of your Initial Reservation Payment, as well as 60 days’ rent, as determined by I.S.C..

  7. Except in extenuating circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Owner or in emergency situations, as determined by I.S.C., the Owner is not entitled to cancel a reservation once a Payment Confirmation has been sent. If, for any reason, the Accommodation you booked becomes unavailable on the requested dates or if any problem or defect is discovered upon check-in or during your stay, which would reduce your use and enjoyment of the Accommodation prior to the completion of your stay, I.S.C. will notify you and make all commercially reasonable efforts to provide an alternative Accommodation for the requested dates. I.S.C. will use commercially reasonable efforts to locate an alternative Accommodation with similar amenities at the same rental price until the problem or defect in the Accommodation is resolved or the rental contract terminates (whichever is sooner), but if I.S.C. cannot locate a suitable, similar Accommodation, I.S.C. will inform you of available alternative Accommodations and how they differ from the reserved or rented Accommodation with respect to features and price.

  8. In the event that you are unsatisfied with the alternative Accommodation offered to you, you may choose to:

    1. Cancel the reservation and receive full reimbursement of the Initial Reservation Payment and Rent Balance (if any) paid to I.S.C. if the issue is discovered before or during check-in; or

    2. Receive a reimbursement proportional to the length of the unused rental term if an issue is discovered during your stay.

  9. In the event that I.S.C. is unable to assist in finding suitable alternative accommodations, you will be provided with a full refund. I.S.C. and the Owner shall have no further responsibility or liability as a result of canceling the reservation.

  10. Neither I.S.C. nor the Owner shall have any obligation to relocate guests, reimburse rental payments, or cancel a reservation in response to requests or complaints resulting from or related to causes that are beyond I.S.C.’ or the Owner’s control, unrelated to the Accommodation, or due to acts of God or other force majeure events, including without limitation, general street noise of any kind, disturbance caused by construction, maintenance, or repair, the condition of the hallways or other amenities, temporary malfunctioning of elevators, maintenance or repairs of common areas ordered by building management, repairs to neighboring properties, interruption of the Internet or other services, and any similar events affecting your stay in the Accommodation. Nevertheless, I.S.C. will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve or minimize these situations. I.S.C. cannot and does not guarantee that the eventual resolution of the situation will not increase expenses for you, including increased rent payments or other expenditures.


Payment Details

  1. The Initial Reservation Payment is defined and stated in your Booking Confirmation and is typically 50% to 100% of total rent, depending on the location of your Accommodation and the duration of your stay. I.S.C. reserves the right to charge the Initial Reservation Payment and the Rent Balance, as defined below, together, summing to 100% of total rent upon Reservation Confirmation, together with applicable Service Fees. You will be notified of these payments and any additional fees prior to booking.

  2. Payment of the Rent Balance is due at least 10 days in advance of the Check-In Date. If you fail to pay the Rent Balance at least 10 days prior to the Check-In Date, I.S.C. may consider the reservation canceled and proceed to offer the Accommodation to other potential guests. The Initial Reservation Payment will not be refunded.

  3. Pursuant to this Accommodation Agreement, you have authorized I.S.C. to collect and remit various fees and charges related to your use of the Accommodation, including, without limitation, the Initial Reservation Payment and Rent Balance payable with respect to your booking of the Accommodation. Upon acceptance of this Accommodation Agreement, your credit card or other selected method of payment will be charged for the full Initial Reservation Payment as set out on the payments page (

  4. All fees and expenses associated with transfers, currency exchange, taxes, deposits, commissions or withdrawals will be borne in full by you.

Security Deposit

  1. On the Check-In Date, I.S.C. will pre-authorize and place a hold on your credit card (the “Credit Card Hold”). The security deposit varies by property and the exact amount will be communicated to you on the Booking Confirmation. The Owner will be entitled to make charges against this hold through I.S.C. in the event of any damage to the Accommodation or its contents, or a violation of rules outlined in Section 4 & 5.

  2. This Credit Card Hold will be released in full under the following conditions after the satisfactory return of the Accommodation and its contents in the same material condition in which they were delivered on the Check-In Date.

    1. Provided that the Accommodation and its contents are returned in satisfactory condition, the Credit Card Hold will be released in full within 5 business days of your scheduled departure date (the “Check-Out Date”). Interest or reimbursement of any currency or transaction fees will not be refunded.

    2. A physical inspection of the Accommodation will be conducted and the results of that inspection will be recorded online prior to your Check-In Date. If you notice any damage to the Accommodation or its contents, you must notify I.S.C., even if you regard the damage as minimal or normal wear and tear, or if you don’t believe the damage is your fault. If you do not notify I.S.C. of any such damage, you will be responsible for such damage on a repair or replacement-cost basis.

    3. If damages or losses are found upon inspection during or after Check-Out Date, the cost to repair or replace such damages or losses shall be charged to your credit card or other methods of payment pending the receipt of documentation duly evidencing the resulting repair or replacement costs, and the remaining amount of the security deposit will be returned to you. YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO CONTEST I.S.C. CHARGING YOUR CREDIT CARD UPON YOUR RECEIPT OF DOCUMENTED REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT COSTS. I.S.C. is not responsible for any damages caused to or within the Property, including without limitation, any broken, stolen or lost items – whether they be your property or that of the Owner.

    4. If damages to the Accommodation or its contents exceed the amount of the security deposit, you shall be responsible for delivering to I.S.C. the funds necessary to fully repair such damages within 5 business days of I.S.C. sending you the relevant estimates or receipts. YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO OBJECT TO ANY SUCH ESTIMATES OR RECEIPTS SENT BY I.S.C.. If you fail to pay the cost of the damages or losses within the specified time, you hereby expressly agree that I.S.C. shall be authorized to charge these costs to your credit card.


Check In and Check Out

  1. Unless otherwise stated on the Booking Confirmation or agreed upon with I.S.C. beforehand, Guest check-in will take place at 2:00 PM in the time zone in which the Accommodation is located on the Check-In Date (“Check-In Time”) and your check out will take place at 11:00 AM in the time zone in which the Accommodation is located on the Check-Out Date (“Check-Out Time”). Check-Ins or Check Outs outside of these hours are subject to availability and the written consent of I.S.C..

  2. A member of I.S.C.’s Guest Experience team will meet you at your Accommodation at Check-In Time to deliver the keys, receive the Security Deposit via credit card (either remotely or in person), show you around the Accommodation, and deliver a welcome package containing useful information on the Accommodation, the city, and the neighborhood.   

  3. A member of I.S.C.’s Guest Experience team will meet you at your Accommodation at Check-Out Time to inspect the Accommodation, review the inventory, and collect the keys. You will be informed of any missing items or damage to the Accommodation discovered upon inspection at this time. Until the Accommodation and its keys are returned to I.S.C.’s satisfaction, Check Out will be deemed not to have occurred and the charges stipulated hereunder shall apply. The Check Out process generally takes around 30 minutes so please arrange departure plans accordingly.

  4. Unless I.S.C. has expressly agreed to a late Check-Out Time or reservation extension in writing, you shall be responsible for a charge of 150% of the effective daily rate on the Check Out Date for staying past the Check-Out Time on the day of your departure. If you overstay by more than 2 hours, I.S.C. and the Owner reserve the right to enter the Accommodation, remove your belongings, change the locks and take further action as may be necessary or appropriate. You will be charged for the costs of any such action against the credit card on your account. I.S.C. has full discretion to reduce this charge as I.S.C. deems appropriate.

  5. Should you stay past midnight on your Check-Out Date, you shall be liable for a DAILY charge equal to 150% of the effective daily rate on the Check Out Date of your Accommodation for each day (or part thereof) that you overstay, as well as any other damages, fees, or costs incurred by the Owner and I.S.C., including, without limitation, legal fees incurred to regain possession of the Accommodation, as well as the loss of a subsequent booking or alternative Accommodations for any subsequent guest booked into the Accommodation for the time that you overstayed. I.S.C. has full discretion to reduce this charge as I.S.C. deems appropriate.


Safety & Conduct

  1. With the exception of the number of additional overnight guests specified in your Reservation, you shall not allow any person other than those named in your Reservation to occupy the Accommodation at any time past 10:00pm in the time zone in which the Accommodation is located.

  2. This Accommodation Agreement is personal to you. Under no circumstances may you assign or transfer this Accommodation Agreement, sublet, or lend the Accommodation to any third party, whether totally or partially, provisionally or permanently, for or without consideration.

  3. You shall be solely liable for the safety of any third party who enters the Accommodation and for any damages caused as a result of your use of the Accommodation. If you become aware of anything which you believe poses a health or safety risk, you must inform I.S.C. immediately and agree to give the Owner, I.S.C., or a service provider appointed by I.S.C. access to the Accommodation at all times in order to address such issues.

  4. You and all authorized occupants of the Accommodation acknowledge and accept the building’s rules and Owner’s house rules where applicable, and also agree to comply with the following:

    1. You are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Accommodation and the general condition of its contents during your rental period. If the Accommodation is part of a building with common areas, you are additionally responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of common areas and agree not to obstruct or leave waste in any common areas or outside the Accommodation.

      1. Only cleaning personnel designated by I.S.C. is authorized in the Accommodations. Guests are responsible for granting the cleaning personnel access to the Accommodations on the dates and times stipulated.

    2. You are responsible for maintaining the Accommodation’s contents in good working order. Upon the occurrence of an event outside your control that could endanger the Accommodation or its contents, you must inform I.S.C. immediately and make your best efforts to mitigate any damages. In the case of lost keys, you shall be responsible for paying the replacement costs, as well as any other resulting damages.

    3. You agree not to smoke or use illegal substances inside the Accommodation. Breaking this rule will result in a $200 USD fine.

    4. You agree not to disturb the neighbors and will keep noise levels around the Accommodation to a minimum. Parties and excessive noise are not permitted in the Accommodation and will result in a fine and possible eviction.

    5. You agree not to use the Accommodation for any purpose other than personal accommodation. You will not use the Accommodation for any illicit, commercial, political or other unauthorized purposes.

    6. You agree not to bring pets of any kind inside the Accommodation at any time unless written permission has been previously given by I.S.C..

    7. You agree to allow I.S.C. or a person appointed by I.S.C. to enter the Accommodation to verify the compliance of this Accommodation Agreement, to make repairs, or to show the Accommodation to potential lessees. Except in exceptional circumstances, these visits will be scheduled in advance with reasonable notice.

    8. Your unlawful or wrongful conduct can result in the loss of the total amount paid, including the Initial Reservation Payment, Rent Balance, and the Security Deposit. Furthermore, I.S.C. and the Owner may seek additional reimbursement of any expenses or losses incurred in connection with any proceedings or legal action related to your conduct.

    9. You agree that any type of sexual exploitation, pornography, other forms of abuse and/or sex tourism will not be allowed inside the Accommodation. Child prostitution is punished by law in accordance with the active legal dispositions and is also motive for the cancellation of the reservation. Whomever has information related to activities of this kind, has the obligation to report it immediately to I.S.C.. These behaviors hereby unilaterally give termination to the Accommodation Agreement, and I.S.C. will proceed to give notice to the competent authority. Additionally, all guests are obligated to leave the property immediately. In the event of a breach of this subsection (i), there will be no reimbursement and/or compensations of any type or kind.



  1. The violation of your obligations under this Accommodation Agreement under local law shall entitle I.S.C. to terminate this Accommodation Agreement and demand your immediate eviction. I.S.C. and the Owner may evict you and all authorized or unauthorized occupants of the Accommodation at any time of the day or night, and you shall be liable to pay damages to the Owner, including all legal costs and fees incurred.


Liability and Claims

  1. Any claims made under this Accommodation Agreement must be made through I.S.C.. I.S.C. has the authority to negotiate and settle claims between you and the Owner. If you or any third party files a claim against the Owner as a result of damages suffered while in the Accommodation or based on the Owner’s ownership of the Accommodation, you agree to reimburse the Owner for any disbursements that the Owner was forced to make as a consequence of such claims.

  2. Neither the Owner nor I.S.C. makes any representation or warranty regarding the condition, safety or security of the Accommodation, and, to the extent legally permissible, any implied representations of fitness for a particular purpose or habitability are hereby expressly disclaimed.

  3. Neither the Owner nor I.S.C. will assume any liability for any business, financial or economic loss or for any consequential, incidental, special or indirect losses such as lost reputation, lost profit or lost opportunity arising as a result of this Accommodation Agreement, the Accommodation, or the Reservation (whether such a loss arises as a result of negligence, breach of contract, tort or otherwise by the Owner or I.S.C. or any agent or third party providing services on behalf of the Owner or I.S.C.).

  4. Subject to any exceptions set forth in applicable law, the Owner’s and I.S.C.’ liability for all losses (including, without limitation, property damage, personal injury and death, and whether such a claim arises out of breach of contract, tort, negligence or otherwise) will be limited to the cost of obtaining a replacement Accommodation for the agreed reservation dates or the rent and charges payable by you, whichever is higher. The Accommodation is a private residence and neither the Owner nor I.S.C. is responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occur in the Accommodation or for the loss of any personal belongings or valuables. You are responsible for obtaining any vacation, travel or rental insurance which you believe is appropriate with respect to your stay at the Accommodation to cover any loss, theft, larceny, accidents, illness, medical expenses, cancellation expenses, and legal fees.

  5. To the extent legally permissible, you agree to indemnify and hold the Owner and I.S.C. and their respective owners, officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all costs, claims, liability, loss, damage, or expenses arising by reason of any injury, death or damages sustained by any person, or to the property of any person whom you permit to enter the Accommodation or the premises of the Accommodation, where such injury, death, or damage is caused by your negligent or intentional act or omission, by any such visitors, or by fire, flood, gas leak, or any force majeure event.

  6. If the Owner or I.S.C. is required to engage an attorney to enforce the conditions of this Accommodation Agreement, to collect any amounts due, or to remove you or your belongings from the Accommodation, you shall be responsible for all reasonable legal fees and costs incurred.

Law and Jurisdiction

  1. This Accommodation Agreement shall be governed and construed by the Laws of the State and Country in which the Accommodation is located without reference to its conflict of laws rules or principles.

  2. In case of controversy, all parties agree that any controversy shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts sitting in the City of Miami, Florida, United States.

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