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About Us


2. (Informal)

  • greatly impress or amuse (someone)

  • be extremely impressive, stylish, or successful

Sparked by Curiosity, Driven by Discovery

This company was founded based on sheer curiosity. We initially started this because we'd seen so many people on Instagram living a life that seemed nearly impossible for people in their mid-to-late 20s unless they were born into an affluent family. We'd always wondered, how in the world can people visit all of these awesome places, and even more so, if a replicable experience could be achieved if someone was not born into wealth?


Flash forward to an eye-opening week in Colombia, and we soon discovered that we could indeed have an incredible time for relatively inexpensive. 


Outcomes the idea of the "International Slayer", which is someone who is able to travel in relative comfort, experience unforgettable places, and have a great time while doing so, at a price point that allows for multiple trips per year. 

We then took the idea a step forward. We realized that there were so many, less-fortunate people out there that would love to travel, so we decided to pass on some of the travel hacks we've discovered through the creation of our online community.  

Our goal is to provide the best travel experience possible, at the lowest price possible, and to show the world that luxury travel is no longer just for the rich! 

Think of us as an online resource for frequent flyers, travel enthusiasts, or anyone just looking to expand their horizons. 


The fact is, that you too can see all the wonders of the world. Our job is to create a community in which those of us achieving this dream, can come together, share our experiences, and offer tips and advice to those who are just starting to travel. 



We are a team of travel enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring the world, and dedicated to making world travel available to everyone. 

We love helping people leave their comfort zones. 

Our goal is to expand our clients' horizons through providing truly unforgettable travel experiences. 

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To be an "International Slayer"  means "being a boss" in any situation, and "conquering" anywhere in this world you may find yourself. It means having the courage to explore new horizons, and the wherewithal to do it in style.

Jason Jones, Founder

For any questions or general inquiries, please fill out the form, email us at

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+1 317 902 3145

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  • How do you guys travel so much?
    Our team goes through countless hours of research, finding great travel deals. Through a combination of discounted flights, transportation and airbnb & hotel deals, we are able to travel in relative style for extremely low prices. The best part is that we can pass these deals on to our members!
  • Where are you guys based?
    We operate out of New York City and Miami, but we travel quite a bit, so often wherever an internet cafe with free wifi may be.
  • How do we work together?
    If you would like to work for us traveling the world as a brand rep, simply send an email or give us a call. If you are a vacation service provider, please send us an email. We are pretty responsive, and if the offer makes business sense, we'd be happy to explore potentialy partnerships.
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