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 Costa Rica 


All Luxury Accommodations, Activities & Yoga

This is about you. Your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and more. At Zencation Retreats we encourage you to take care of all that calms your mind, body and soul in Costa Rica. Our focus for this retreat is on self-love and we will provide the modalities that will serve you to understand what that means to you. This is for you to discover how an all-inclusive Zencation can lead to having a more enriched future.


We will provide the best accommodations, from our health-conscious world-renowned chef, to meditation under the beautiful Costa Rican waterfalls, yoga on the beach as well as the meditative exercise of Qi Gong. We encourage you to maintain the practices you learn from any Zencation Retreat for your optimum health and longevity. We aim to catalyze your lifestyle of holistic wellbeing and happiness.

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