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NYC Subway



This is such an amazing, incredible, filthy, yet somehow wonderful, clusterfuck of a city. Some see it as the center of the world, and once your plane lands, you know exactly why. Everything you could ever want to do, and anyone you could ever want to meet is right here, you just have to find them...

Best club in the Lower East Side =  Hotel Chantel 

Most fun summer happy hour in Soho = Sweet & Vicious

Best/cheapest/most authentic Korean Food = Flushing, NY

Best park to run = Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Best/down to earth summertime rooftop = Berry Park, Brooklyn

Best happy hour caiparinha = 10 Degrees

Best Eggs Benedict of all time = Yuca Bar (East Village)

Best place to ride bikes = Governor's Island

Best place to catch early morning soccer = Banter Bar, Brooklyn

Best empanadas = Empanada Mama (L.E.S & Queens)

Best burlesque/variety show = Slipper Room

Best Pizza = Artichoke, Joe's, Prince Street, Tony's (Bushwick), etc. (this is a constant debate)

Best place for a walk if nothing to do = Highline (Meatpacking/Chelsea) 

Best place to grab french fries = Pomme Frites

Best impromptu pop up event = The Met Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Moma Astoria summer weekend nights (NY museums basically convert to fancy night clubs during summer nights)

There is honestly SO MUCH to do here, so many places to go, and so much to see, that it's almost an injustice to do a typical TOP 5 of places to go. At one point, every member of the International Slayers Club has called this magical place home, and have all lived our own unique experience, so we'd most certainly all have different suggestions. We are going to try our hardest to make good, fun, affordable suggestions, which as you know if you've been here for any amount of time is possible, yet requires a bit of effort. So here it goes...

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