San Francisco

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

All you need to know about a beautiful city that costs a bit more than its worth.

Views of the Golden Gate from the park by Ft. Mason

So as a NYer, I have to admit, there was a lot about SF that really pissed me off. Basically it's more expensive, and less fun that NY, the people don't walk as fast (or with purpose), and no one knows how to dress. When you do meet a woman with style, they are usually a snob from the North Shore who hates their lives because they are forced to date tech bros.

Regardless, there were some things I absolutely LOVED about SF, and even though it's not NY, there were a few experiences that one would simply never find on the East Coast.

Best Things About SF

1. Legal Weed

As of the beginning of 2018, weed is completely legal. Like not just medical, you have to have a card, trash government regulated BS, I mean legal as in smoking a cigarette. There are even lounges that are basically Starbucks, but for strands of weed. And they are basically just throwing it away. I had a favorite place to pick up in the Mission District called Purple Star where you could buy an eighth for $20. Fucking Incredible.

2. Scenery

Honestly and truly, this is a beautiful city. I had the privilege to live in SOMA, close to the Giants stadium (which they take FAR to seriously, bc let's be real, baseball is garbage), and running along the Embarcadero was one thing I will greatly miss. Golden Gate Park is absolutely stunning (although it is no where near Golden Gate Bridge), and it ends at Ocean Beach. The bridge is obviously beautiful, but I'm sure you've seen it in pictures (there are actually 3 major bridges connecting all of the Bay Area), but literally almost all of the city was beautiful, and the weather changes depending on the neighborhood.

3. The Mission

The mission is basically the Lower East Side, but with a working class Mexican background. It is one of the places in the city with the best/most reasonable restaurants, definitely the best night life, and its where you go if your young, broke (broke in SF is like 60K/year), and want to have a good time. This is also where you find the best women in terms of good looks/down to earth combo. If you are going for the better looking women, of far less substance, check out North Beach and the Marina District. Polk street is also fun and worth mentioning for bar hopping and the SantaCon bar crawl. Overall though, there's nothing like The Mission.

4. North Beach

SF is kind of a weird city in the sense that it is never really that hot, but it is never cold either. I guess this is a good balance for those who don't mind a constant, often wet, 60 degree climate, however for those who thought this place would be all about sunshine, please prepare for a surprise. On the occasions when it is a nice and sunny day (they actually happen every once in a while), one of the best neighborhoods, and easily one of the best places to spend your day is North Beach. There are piers, a boardwalk, games, delicious food, souvenirs, and on top of that a great lawn near Ft. Mason that is perfect for relaxing and day drinking. The whole lawn essentially becomes a post-college tailgate on Saturday afternoons in the Indian summer (mid September-October).

Love Life = Club Life

If I started a list of complaints about the nightlife in SF, this post would be ridiculously long. As an entitled, party loving NYer, to say that the nightlife in SF is lackluster would be a bit of an understatement. My biggest issue in general was the fact that with such great weather (hardly ever drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit), why in the world anyone would imagine closing a club down at 2am is beyond me.

That being said, there are some fun spots that on occasion will stay open until 4 (like normal people in NY), and there are even a few hidden gems that are so much fun, that you almost don't mind a 1:30am lights on policy (yes, I know that sounds atrocious).

1. Bissap Baobab

Now in my opinion, this is by far THE BEST CLUB in all of San Francisco. It's actually a restaurant during the day that converts into a dance hall at night. Located in The Mission, next to tons of good restaurants and bars, this place stands out with its Afro-Caribbean themed music, cheap drinks, and crazy dance floor antics. I've got to say, I met some of the best looking women in all of SF at this place. Definitely my first stop if I find myself back in this city.

2. 1015 Folsom

This place is great because it gets really good DJs quite often. This place also breaks the 2am rule, and I've on occasion partied here until 4am. This place is huge, multi-leveled, and definitely easy to get lost in, but the crowd is usually nice, open, and fun. They tend to have different vibes for different floors, so be sure to explore all of this place.

3. Midway

This venue has multiple rooms, with a large, airy, art gallery feel. I have a biased love for this place because the only time I actually went there, I had VIP for Bonobo through one of my roommates working the front door. It was a great experience, this place is huge with tons of good looking women, and although the drinks aren't cheap, it is definitely a good experience, especially if there is a good DJ.

4. Temple Nightclub

I almost hesitate and laugh to put this place on the list, but they try so hard to be a good club, and they have all of the makings of one, but for some reason they just seem to fall a bit short. This place has multiple levels, an outdoor section for smoking, a room dedicated to deep house, a restaurant, and two large dance floors. This is the place to go if you like hitting on Asian women, especially on Thursday nights. One good thing about this place however is the fact that they have free entrance most nights before 11pm (I know, thats early af). For the area that it's located, its actually a pretty good time.

Restaurant Recommendations:

While I was living in San Francisco, I definitely wasn't the richest person in the world, and so every place I'm going to suggest to you is both delicious and affordable. In a city where the average cocktail starts at $15 and a $6 Bud Light counts as their "happy hour", its important to note which places are actually reasonable. This is a list of some of the best places in the city to eat